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May 27, 2017

  • “New American Best Friend” by Olivia Gatwood
  • “Dementia in the Family” by Lee Cardwell

May 23, 2017

  • “No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Short Stories” by Lee Child
  • “Dragon Teeth” by Michael Crichton

May 16, 2017

  • “The Journals of Rachel Scott” by Beth Nimmo
  • “Rachel’s Tears: 10 Years After Columbine” by Beth Nimmo & Darrell Scott
  • “Testimony” by Scott Turow
  • “The Good Witch’s Guide” by Shawn Robbin & Charity Bedell

May 10, 2017

  • “Saints for All Occasions” by J. Courtney Sullivan

May 8, 2017

  • “Home on the Range” by Ruth Logan Herne
  • “Peace in the Valley” by Ruth Logan Herne
  • “The Cherished Quilt” by Amy Clipston
  • “A New Way to Bake” from the Kitchens of Martha Stewart

May 2, 2017

  • “Against All Odds” by Danielle Steel 
  • “The Broken Road” by Richard Paul Evans 
  • “Into the Water” by Paula Hawkins
  • “Build It Yourself” by Frank Perrone 

May 1, 2017

  • “16th Seduction” by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

April 27, 2017

  • “The Song Each Bullet Sings” by Matthew Craw
  • “The Radium Girls: the Dark Story of America’s Shining Women” by Kate Moore
  • “My Life: a Memoir” by Grace Hays Reese

April 18, 2017

  • “The Fix” by David Baldacci 
  • “Fast & Loose” by Stuart Woods 
  • “The Night the Lights Went Out” by Karen White

April 12, 2017

  • “First Aid Manual” by the American College of Emergency Physicians
  • “Good Sam RV Travel & Savings Guide”
  • “Star Wars: the Visual Encyclopedia” 

April 11, 2107

  • “One Perfect Lie” by Lisa Scottoline
  • “Two From the Heart” by James Patterson
  • “You Are the Universe” by Deepak Chopra & Menas Kafatos
  • “The General vs. the President” by H.W. Brands
  • “Richard Nixon: the Life” by John Farrell

April 10, 2017

  • “Monahan’s Massacre” by William Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone

April 6, 2017

  • “All by Myself, Alone” by Mary Higgins Clark
  • “The Lost Order” by Steve Berry
  • “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes” by Dan Egan
  • “Pin Action: Small-time Gangsters, High-stakes Gambling, & the Teenage Hustler Who Became a Bowling Champion” by Gianmarc Manzione
  • “Bowling Fundamentals” by Michelle Mullen
  • “Black and Decker Codes for Homeowners” by Bruce Barker
  • “Magical Miniature Gardens & Homes” by Donni Webber
  • “The Big Book of Practical Spells” by Judika Illes
  • “Idiot’s Guide to RVing” by Brent Peterson & April Maher
  • “Geocaching Handbook” by Layne Cameron
  • “National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States”
  • “Introduction to Media Literacy” by W. James Potter

April 3, 2017

  • “The Truth about Your Future: the Money Guide You Need Now, Later, & Much More” by Ric Edelman

April 1, 2017

  • “The Billionaire Takes All” by J.S. Scott
  • “Tears We Cannot Stop” by Michael Eric Dyson
  • “100 Family Adventures” by Tim, Kerry, Amy & Ella Meek
  • “The Adirondacks Season by Season” by Carl Heilman
  • “The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games” by Oliver Ho
  • “Thank You for Being Late: an Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations: by Thomas Friedman
  • “Clean My Space” by Melissa Maker
  • “All Uphill” by Darlene Baker
  • “The COPD Solution” by Dawn Lesley Fielding

March 30, 2017

  • “Niagara Falls in World War II” by Michelle Kratts
  • “The Missed: Tales of Spirit & Tragic End at Niagara Falls” by Michelle Kratts
  • “The Honeymoon Handbook” by Lonely Planet
  • “ISIS: a History” by Fawaz Gerges
  • “Youth Baseball Drills” by Peter Caliendo
  • “What Your Preschooler Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch
  • “What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch
  • “What Your First Grader Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch
  • “What Your Second Grader Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch
  • “What Your Third Grader Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch
  • “What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch
  • “102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum” by Cathy Duffy
  • “Project Smoke” by Steven Raichlen
  • “Complete Mediterranean Cookbook” from America’s Test Kitchen
  • “The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen” by Rebecca Katz
  • “Fairy Houses: How to Create Whimsical Homes for Fairy Folk” by Sally Smith

March 28, 2017

  • “An Amish Family Christmas” by Shelley Shepard Gray
  • “Streams of Mercy” by Lauraine Snelling
  • “The Christmas Secret” by Wanda Brunstetter
  • “Tangled Webs” by Irene Hannon

March 27, 2017

  • “Black Book” by James Patterson & David Ellis

March 25, 2017

  • “Scissors, Paper, Craft” by Christine Leech
  • “If Not for You” by Debbie Macomber
  • “Man Overboard” by J.A. Jance

March 21, 2017

  • “Seven Days to Hell” by William Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone
  • “Raina’s Choice” by Gilbert Morris

March 20, 2017

  • “Dark Money: the Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right” by Jane Mayer
  • “Hidden Figures” by Margot Lee Shetterly
  • “The Devil’s Triangle” by Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison
  • “The Cutthroat” by Clive Cussler & Justin Scott
  • “National Geographic Guide to the World’s Supernatural Places” by Sarah Bartlett

March 13, 2017

  • “Rattlesnake Wells, Wyoming” by William Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone

March 8, 2017

  • “The Ultimate Guide to Bowhunting Skills, Tactics, & Techniques” by Jay Cassell
  • “Archery Fundamentals” by Teresa Johnson
  • “Banana Cream Pie Murder” by Joanne Fluke
  • “The Vanishing Year” by Kate Moretti
  • “Pekoe Most Poison” by Laura Childs
  • “Dangerous Games” by Danielle Steel
  • “The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes” by Lyndsay Faye

March 2, 2017

  • “Jesus Always” by Sarah Young
  • “Once We Were Sisters” by Sheila Kohler
  • “Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission” by Bret Baier
  • “The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork
  • “Home Decor Cheat Sheets” by Jessica Probus
  • “Food Health & Happiness” by Oprah Winfrey
  • “The Girl Before” by JP Delaney
  • “Right Behind You” by Lisa Gardner
  • “The Chemist” by Stephanie Meyer
  • “Home Field” by Hannah Gersen
  • “100 Plants to Feed the Bees” by the Xerces Society
  • “Guns the Right Way: Introducing Kids to Firearm Safety & Shooting” by Jerry Luciano
  • “Haunted: True Tales of Niagara” by Michelle Kratts
  • “Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas & Inspiration”

March 1, 2017

  • “Stone Cold Cowboy” by Jennifer Ryan
  • “Into Dust” by B.J. Daniels
  • “Denim and Lace” by Diana Palmer
  • “Wind River Wrangler” by Lindsay McKenna
  • “The Hero” by Donna Grant
  • “Treasured” by Sherryl Woods
  • “Evening Stars” by Susan Mallery

February 25, 2017

  • “The Keeper of Lost Things” by Ruth Hogan
  • “A Piece of the World” by Christina Baker Kline
  • “Parrots of the Wild” by Catherine Toft

February 23, 2017

  • “Never Never” by James Patterson & Candice Fox
  • “Robert B. Parker’s Revelation” by Robert Knott
  • “The Small Business Start-Up Kit” by Peri Pakroo (NOLO)
  • “Tax Savvy for Small Business” by Frederick Daily (NOLO)
  • “The Handy Astronomy Answer Book” by Charles Liu
  • “The Story of Egypt: the Civilization that Shaped the World” by Joann Fletcher

February 22, 2017

  • “Shooter’s Bible: Guide to Bowhunting” by Todd Kuhn
  • “50 Really Exotic Pets” by David Manning
  • “Parrot Parenting” by Carol Frischmann
  • “The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fish & Fish Care” by Mary Bailey & Gina Sandford
  • “The Betta Handbook” by Robert Goldstein
  • “The Guinea Pig Handbook” by Sharon Vanderlip
  • “The Rabbit Handbook” by Karen Parker
  • “The Hamster Handbook” by Patricia Bartlett
  • “Death of a Ghost” by M.C. Beaton
  • “Most Dangerous Place” by James Grippando
  • “My (not so) Perfect Life” by Sophie Kinsella
  • “Humans, Bow Down” by James Patterson & Emily Raymond

February 21, 2017

  • “The Everything Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online” by Kim Solga
  • “Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom” by Syne Mitchell
  • “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards
  • “The Mayo Clinic Diet” by Donald D. Hensrud, M.D.
  • “Your Cholesterol Matters: What Your Numbers Mean and How You Can Improve Them” by Richard Furman, M.D.
  • “100 Questions & Answers About Schizophrenia: Painful Minds” by Lynn DeLisi, M.D.
  • “Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World” by B. Brett Finlay & Marie-Claire Arrieta
  • “The Doctor Will See You Now: Recognizing and Treating Endometriosis” by Tamer Seckin, M.D.
  • “The Allergy Book” by Robert Sears, M.D. & William Sears, M.D.

February 18, 2017

  • “Whiplash : How to Survive Our Faster Future” by Joi Ito
  • “United States of Jihad: Who are America’s Homegrown Terrorists and How do We Stop Them?”  by Peter Bergen
  • “Stamped from the Beginning” by Ibram X. Kendi
  • “Cast Away: True Stories of Survival from Europe’s Refugee Crisis” by Charlotte McDonald-Gibson
  • “Give Me a Fast Ship” by Tim McGrath

February 16, 2017

  • “An Uncommon Protector” by Shelley Shepard Gray
  • “A Fireproof Home for the Bride” by Amy Scheibe
  • “A Hope More Powerful than the Sea” by Melissa Fleming
  • “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah

February 14, 2017

  • “We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter
  • “Heartbreak Hotel: an Alex Delaware novel” by Jonathan Kellerman
  • “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood

February 11, 2017

  • “Stars of Fortune” (LP) by Nora Roberts
  • “Island of Glass” (LP) by Nora Roberts

February 9, 2017

  • “My Life, My Love, My Legacy: Corretta Scott King” as told to the Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds
  • “Echoes in Death” by J.D. Robb
  • “And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer” by Fredrik Backman

February 6, 2017

  • “Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State” by Karen Greenberg
  • “Freud: In His Time and Ours” by Elisabeth Roudinesco
  • “Witness to the Revolution” by Clara Bingham
  • “On Living” by Kerry Egan

February 1, 2017

  • “The Stargazer’s Handbook” by Giles Sparrow
  • “The Handy Geography Answer Book” by Paul Tucci
  • “Bookkeeping All-in-One for Dummies by Lita Epstein & John A. Tracy
  • “A Practical Wedding Planner” by Meg Keene

January 31, 2017

  • “All-Time Best Soups” from Cook’s Illustrated

January 26, 2017

  • “The Gene : an Intimate History” by Siddhartha Mukherjee
  • “How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote, and Market Your Business or Website with Little or No Money” by Bruce C. Brown
  • “Old Age: a Beginner’s Guide” by Michael Kinsley

January 24, 2017

  • “Ring of Fire” by Brad Taylor
  • “Below the Belt” by Stuart Woods

January 23, 2017

  • “The Kept Woman” by Karin Slaughter
  • “Grace : a novel” by Natashia Deon
  • “The Princess Diarist” by Carrie Fisher

January 18, 2017

  • “Lady Claire is All That” by Maya Rodale
  • “The Danger of Desire” by Sabrina Jeffries

January 12, 2017

  • “Christmas in Eternity Springs” by Emily March

January 10, 2017

  • “The Mistress” by Danielle Steel
  • “Triple Threat : Thrillers” by James Patterson

January 7, 2017

  • “What Every Senior Should Know: 1267 Secrets to Living Well on a Fixed Income”

December 31, 2016

  • “A Stranger in Town” by William Johnstone & J.A Johnstone
  • “Eight Hours to Die” by William Johnstone & J.A Johnstone
  • “Hang Them Slowly” by William Johnstone & J.A Johnstone

December 21, 2016

  • “A Lone Star Christmas” by William Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone
  • “Journey into Violence” by William Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

December 20, 2016

  • “We Too Sing America” by Deepa Iyer
  • “Strangers in Their Own Land” by Arlie Russell Hochschild
  • “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi
  • “The Dog Behavior Problem Solver” by Teoti Anderson
  • “Paying for College Without Going Broke” by Princeton Review

December 17, 2016

  • “Odessa Sea” by Clive & Dirk Cussler
  • “Tom Clancy: True Faith and Allegiance” by Mark Greaney
  • “The Magnolia Story” by Chip & Joanna Gaines
  • “Gunslinger: the Remarkable, Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre” by Jeff Pearlman
  • “The Christmas Mystery” by James Patterson & Richard DiLallo
  • “Prose and Cons” by Amanda Flower
  • “A Space Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System” by Mark Thompson
  • “The Horse Encyclopedia” 
  • “The Confident Mom” by Joyce Meyer
  • “Always a Cowboy” by Linda Lael Miller
  • “Once a Rancher” by Linda Lael Miller
  • “Redwood Bend” by Robyn Carr
  • “Last Chance Rebel” by Maisey Yates

December 15, 2016

  • “Sabrina’s Man” by Gilbert Morris

December 12, 2016

  • “Ida: a Sword Among Lions” by Paula J. Giddings
  • “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” as told to Alex Haley
  • “Dreams From My Father: a Story of Race and Inheritance” by Barack Obama
  • “Trump : the Art of the Deal” by Donald J. Trump with Tony Schwartz
  • “Hard Choices” by Hillary Rodham Clinton

December 6, 2016

  • “Egg Drop Dead” by Laura Childs
  • “No Man’s Land” by David Baldacci
  • “Chaos: a Scarpetta novel” by Patricia Cornwell
  • “Swing Time” by Zadie Smith
  • “Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett
  • “The Fall Guy: a novel” by James Lasdun
  • “The Wrong Side of Goodbye” by Michael Connelly
  • “Turbo Twenty-Three” by Janet Evanovich
  • “An Irish Country Love Story” by Patrick Taylor
  • “An Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea” by Patrick Taylor

December 5, 2016

  • “I Loved Her in the Movies : Memories of Hollywood’s Legendary Actresses” by Robert J. Wagner
  • “Victoria the Queen” by Julia Baird
  • “Whole Town’s Talking” by Fannie Flagg

December 3, 2016

  • “The Mistletoe Secret” by Richard Paul Evans
  • “A Baxter Family Christmas” by Karen Kingsbury
  • “A Christmas Message” by Anne Perry
  • “Give Me a Texas Outlaw” – Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, & DeWanna Pace
  • “Hillbilly Elegy” by J.D. Vance
  • “Our Revolution” by Bernie Sanders
  • “A Life Well Played” by Arnold Palmer

November 30, 2016

  • “Only Daughter” by Anna Snoekstra
  • “You Will Know Me” by Megan Abbott
  • “Watching Edie” by Camilla Way
  • “The Couple Next Door” by Shari LaPena
  • “Good as Gone” by Amy Gentry
  • “Behind Closed Doors” by B.A. Paris

November 29, 2016

  • “Cross the Line” by James Patterson
  • “Two by Two” [large print] by Nicholas Sparks
  • “The Life She Wants” by Robyn Carr
  • “The Things We Wish Were True” by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen
  • “The Perfect Girl” by Gilly Macmillan

November 28, 2016

  • “Christmas in Mustang Creek” by Linda Lael Miller & Maisey Yates
  • “Fatal Judgment” by Irene Hannon
  • “Magnolia Moonlight” by Mary Ellis
  • “Butterfly Palace” by Colleen Coble
  • “Still Mine” by Amy Stuart
  • “The Girl Before” by Rena Olsen
  • “The Sleeping Beauty Killer” by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke
  • “Born to Run : Bruce Springsteen”

November 19, 2016

  • “To Wed the Widow” by Megan Bryce
  • “Killer Chef” by James Patterson & Jeffrey Keyes
  • “Shadow of the Storm” by Connilyn Cossette
  • “The Best Things to Do in New York” by Caitlin Leffel & Jacob Lehman

November 16, 2016

  • “The Running Man” by Stephen King
  • “Night School” by Lee Child

November 12, 2016

  • “This Was a Man” by Jeffrey Archer

November 5, 2016

  • “Thomas Kinkade’s Because It’s Christmas” by Katherine Spencer

November 1, 2016

  • “The Award” by Danielle Steel

October 31, 2016

  • “The Whistler” by John Grisham

October 26, 2016

  • “Paris for One & Other Stories” by Jojo Moyes
  • “Sex, Lies & Serious Money” by Stuart Woods
  • “Escape Clause” by John Sandford
  • “Night Watch” by Iris & Roy Johansen
  • “Ben-Hur : a Tale of the Christ” by Carol Wallace

October 19, 2016

  • “The Obsidian Chamber” by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  • “Kill or be Killed: Thrillers” by James Patterson

October 17, 2016

  • “The Dandelion Field” by Kathryn Springer
  • “The Hearts We Mend” by Kathryn Springer
  • “The Loyal Heart” by Shelley Shepard Gray
  • “A Tapestry of Secrets” by Sarah Loudin Thomas
  • “The Confession” by Robert Whitlow
  • “The Witnesses” by Robert Whitlow
  • “Traces of Guilt” by Dee Henderson
  • “Delilah: Treacherous Beauty” by Angela Hunt
  • “Vince Flynn: Order to Kill” by Kyle Mills

October 15, 2016

  • “A Son’s Vow” by Shelley Shepard Gray
  • “A Daughter’s Dream” by Shelley Shepard Gray
  • “Where Hope Prevails” by Janette Oke & Laurel Oke Logan
  • “Sea Rose Lane” by Irene Hannon
  • “The Quieting” by Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • “Just a Kiss” by Denise Hunter
  • “The Stubborn Father” by Wanda Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter
  • “The Betrayed Fiancee” by Wanda Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter
  • “The Missing Will” by Wanda Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter
  • “The Divided Family” by Wanda Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter
  • “The Selfless Act” by Wanda Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter

October 13, 2016

  • “The Devoted” by Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • “Twilight at Blueberry Barrens” by Colleen Coble
  • “A Beauty Refined” by Tracie Peterson
  • “Faithful to Laura” by Kathleen Fuller
  • “Letters to Katie” by Kathleen Fuller
  • “The Second Half” by Lauraine Snelling
  • “Crime and Poetry” by Amanda Flower
  • “Murder, Handcrafted” by Isabella Alan
  • “Dinosaurs: How They Lived and Evolved” by Darren Naish & Paul Barrett
  • “I Contain Multitudes: the Microbes within Us and a Grander View of Life” by Ed Yong

October 12, 2016

  • “Precious and Grace” by Alexander McCall Smith
  • “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult
  • “Triple Crown” by Felix Francis
  • “The Heart of Henry Quantum” by Pepper Harding
  • “Twelve Days of Christmas” by Debbie Macomber
  • “$10,000,000 Marriage Proposal” by James Patterson & Hilary Liftin
  • “Crepe Factor” by Laura Childs
  • “The Bookshop on the Corner” by Jenny Colgan
  • “The Wangs vs. the World” by Jade Chang

October 11, 2016

  • “The Courtship Basket” by Amy Clipston
  • “The Wish” by Beverly Lewis
  • “A Sister’s Wish” by Shelley Shepard Gray
  • “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn
  • “The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook” from America’s Test Kitchen

October 8, 2016

  • “Hiking Through History” by Randi Minetor

October 4, 2016

  • “Two by Two” by Nicholas Sparks
  • “Winter Stories” by Elin Hilderbrand
  • “French Kiss” by James Patterson & Richard DiLallo
  • “Missing: a Private Novel” by James Patterson & Kathryn Fox
  • “Taunton’s New Kitchen Idea Book” by Heather J. Paper

September 28, 2016

  • “The Real Liddy James” by Anne-Marie Casey
  • “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker

September 27, 2016

  • “Woman of God” by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
  • “Christmas Caramel Murder” by Joanne Fluke

September 22, 2016

  • “Seinfeldia: How a Show about Nothing Changed Everything” by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
  • “Home” by Harlan Coben
  • “Pirate: a Sam & Remi Fargo Adventure” by Clive Cussler & Robin Purcell
  • “Marvel Encyclopedia : Updated and Expanded”
  • “The Homing Instinct: Meaning & Mystery in Animal Migration” by Bernd Heinrich
  • “The Perfect Parent: 5 Tools for Using Your Inner Perfection to Connect with Your Kids” by Roma Khetarpal
  • “What’s Wrong with my Houseplant?” by David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth
  • “The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook” by Paul Scheckel
  • “Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, Pork” by Adam Danforth
  • “Guinness World Records 2017”
  • “The Effective Manager” by Mark Horstman
  • “William Tecumseh Sherman: in the Service of My Country”
  • “Love’s Sweet Revenge” by Rosanne Bittner
  • “The Lady in the Van & Other Stories” by Alan Bennett
  • “The Summer’s End” by Mary Alice Monroe
  • “Fire Brand” by Diana Palmer
  • “Out Rider” by Lindsay McKenna

September 20, 2016

  • “Roots : the Saga of an American Family” by Alex Haley

September 19, 2016

  • “Robert Parker’s Debt to Pay : a Jesse Stone novel” by Reed Farrel Coleman
  • “The Angels’ Share: a Bourbon Kings novel”(LP) by J.R. Ward

September 14, 2016

  • “Zoo 2” by James Patterson & Max DiLallo
  • “113 Minutes” by James Patterson & Max DiLallo
  • “Chase: a Michael Bennett Story” by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
  • “Hunted” by James Patterson & Andrew Holmes
  • “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry” by Fredrik Backman
  • “Sweetbitter” by Stephanie Danler
  • “Apprentice in Death” by J.D. Robb

September 12, 2016

  • “Downfall : a Brady novel of Suspense” by J.A. Jance

September 8, 2016

  • “A Catered Tea Party” by Isis Crawford
  • “Life of the Party” by Bob Kealing
  • “Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch
  • “A Murder in Time” by Julie McElwain
  • “Guilty Minds” by Joseph Finder

September 3, 2016

  • “The Billionaire’s Voice” by J.S. Scott
  • “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead
  • “Rushing Waters” by Danielle Steel
  • “Crash and Burn” by Fern Michaels

September 1, 2016

  • “What We Find” by Robyn Carr
  • “Grit: the Power of Passion & Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth
  • “Nolo’s Essential Guide to Divorce” by Emily Doskow
  • “Shoe Dog: a Memoir by the Creator of Nike” Phil Knight
  • “The Trial” by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

August 31, 2016

  • “Treasuring Emma” by Kathleen Fuller

August 24, 2016

  • “The Mannings: the Fall & Rise of a Football Family” by Lars Anderson
  • “Peterson’s Two-Year Colleges 2017”
  • “Peterson’s Four-Year Colleges 2017”
  • “The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales” 
  • “The Annotated Brothers Grimm”
  • “Revenge” by Lisa Jackson
  • “Vulnerable” by Mary Burton
  • “You Don’t Know Me” by Nancy Bush

August 18, 2016

  • “Freedom: My Book of Firsts” by Jaycee Dugard
  • “In Twenty Years” by Allison Winn Scotch
  • “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware
  • “Curious Minds” by Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton
  • “Handmade Gatherings” by Ashley English
  • “Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies: the Patriots” by David Fisher
  • “White Trash: the 400-Year Untold History of Class in America” by Nancy Isenberg
  • “The Joy of Signing” by Lottie Riekehof

August 17, 2016

  • “Family Tree” by Susan Wiggs
  • “The Age of Bowie: How David Bowie Made a World of Difference” by Paul Morley
  • “The Games” [audiobook] by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan
  • “The Last Mile” [audiobook] by David Baldacci
  • “Foreign Agent” [audiobook] by Brad Thor
  • “Fraying at the Edge” by Cindy Woodsmall
  • “Sting” by Sandra Brown
  • “Damaged” by Lisa Scottoline

August 11, 2016

  • “Sweet Tomorrows” by Debbie Macomber
  • “All Summer Long” by Dorothea Benton Frank
  • “Insidious” by Catherine Coulter
  • “Anchor in the Storm” by Sarah Sundin
  • “Cross Kill” by James Patterson
  • “The Perfect Neighbors” by Sarah Pekkanen
  • “A Friendly Community: a History of Middleport New York” by Anna Wallace
  • “Rimfire” by William Johnstone
  • “Life is a Gift: The Zen of Bennett” by Tony Bennett

August 10, 2016

  • “The Wonder of Your Love” by Beth Wiseman
  • “No Ordinary Billionaire” by J.S. Scott
  • “The Forbidden Billionaire” by J.S. Scott
  • “The Billionaire’s Touch” by J.S. Scott

August 9, 2016

  • “Bay of Sighs” (Large Print) by Nora Roberts
  • “The Light of Paris” by Eleanor Brown
  • “That Darkness” by Lisa Black
  • “The Lost Girls” by Heather Young
  • “Losing It” by Emma Rathbone

August 2, 2016

  • “Bullseye” (regular & LP) by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
  • “Smooth Operator” by Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall

July 30, 2016

  • “40 Fundamentals of English Riding” by Hollie McNeil
  • “The Spinner’s Book of Fleece” by Beth Smith
  • “Wiring a House: For Pros by Pros” by Rex Cauldwell

July 28, 2016

  • “Heroes of the Frontier” by Dave Eggers
  • “Killer Look” by Linda Fairstein
  • “Truly Madly Guilty” by Liane Moriarty
  • “Princeton Review: Cracking the GED Test 2017 Edition”
  • “The Street Art Book: 60 Artists in Their Own Words” by Ric Blackshaw & Liz Farrelly

July 27, 2016

  • “The New Puberty: How to Navigate Early Development in Today’s Girls” by Louise Greenspan & Julianna Deardorff

July 26, 2016

  • “Learning to Weave” by Deborah Chandler
  • “Tole Painting: Tips, Tools,& Techniques for Learning the Craft” by Pat Oxenford
  • “The Art of Ball Point: Experimentation, Exploration, & Techniques in Ink” by Matt Rota
  • “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn

July 25, 2016

  • “Monterey Bay” by Lindsay Hatton

July 21, 2016

  • “The Greeks: an Illustrated History” by Diane Harris Cline
  • “Brave Enough” by Cheryl Strayed
  • “The Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens” by Jennifer Shannon
  • “When Nothing Matters Anymore: a Survival Guide for Depressed Teens” by Bev Cobain
  • “Building Decks” from Home Skills
  • “The Chicken Encyclopedia” by Gail Damerow
  • “Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks” by Gail Damerow
  • “To Catch a Spinster” by Megan Bryce

July 20, 2016

  • “White Bone” by Ridley Pearson
  • “Angela Merkel: Europe’s Most Influential Leader” by Matthew Qvortrup

July 19, 2016

  • “Night and Day” by Iris Johansen

July 13, 2016

  • “Knowing Horses: Q&As to Boost Your Equine IQ” by Les Sellnow & Carol Butler
  • “The Renewable Energy Home Handbook” by Lindsay Porter

July 12, 2016

  • “Daughters of the Bride” by Susan Mallery

July 11, 2016

  • “Henna House” by Nomi Eve
  • “Before the Fall” by Noah Hawley
  • “The Last Painting of Sara De Vos” by Dominic Smith
  • “Hades” by Candice Fox
  • “The Black Widow” by Daniel Silva
  • “The Singles Game” by Lauren Weisenberger

July 6, 2016

  • “Hamilton: the Revolution” by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter
  • “The State of Jones: the Small Southern County that Seceded from the Confederacy” by Sally Jenkins & John Stauffer
  • “Heaven’s Ditch: God, Gold & Murder on the Erie Canal” by Jack Kelly
  • “The Dairy Goat Handbook” by Ann Starbard
  • “The Saddle Maker’s Son” by Kelly Irvin
  • “Magic: a novel” by Danielle Steel
  • “Will Tanner: U.S. Deputy Marshal” by William W. Johnstone
  • “What Lies Behind” by J.T. Ellison
  • “The Conspiracy Club” by Jonathan Kellerman
  • “All the Queen’s Men” by Linda Howard
  • “No One Knows” by J.T. Ellison
  • “Shadow Play” by Iris Johansen

June 28, 2016

  • “The Games : a Private novel” by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan
  • “Ghosts of War: a Pike Logan Thriller” by Brad Taylor
  • “The Weekenders” by Mary Kay Andrew
  • “The Pursuit: a Fox and O’Hare novel” by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg
  • “First Comes Love” by Emily Giffin

June 23, 2016

  • “The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2017” by Gen & Kelly Tanabe
  • “Maintaining Small-Farm Equipment” by Steve & Ann Larkin Hansen
  • “Complete Horse Care Manual” by Colin Vogel
  • “The Backyard Cow” by Sue Weaver
  • “Homegrown Pork” by Sue Weaver
  • “Real Sweet” by Shauna Sever

June 20, 2016

  • “Golden Girls Forever” by Jim Colucci
  • “What to Expect the First Year” by Heidi Murkoff

June 18, 2016

  • “Pure Soapmaking: How to Create Nourishing Natural Skin Care Soaps” by Anne-Marie Faiola
  • “100 Perfect Hair Days” by Jenny Strebe
  • “The Hour of the Land : a Personal Topography of America’s National Parks” by Terry Tempest Williams
  • “The Angst of Adolescence : How to Parent Your Teen (and live to laugh about it)” by Sara Villanueva
  • “Naturally Bug-Free : 75 Nontoxic Recipes” by Stephanie L. Tourles
  • “Gluten Exposed: the Science Behind the Hype & How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom-Free Life” by Peter H.R. Green
  • “Learn to Timber Frame” by Will Beemer
  • “A Field Guide to American Houses” by Virginia Savage McAlester
  • “Home Skills Ceramic Tile : How to Install Ceramic Tile for Your Floors, Walls, Backsplashes & Countertops”
  • “Home Skills Plumbing : Install & Repair Your Own Toilets, Faucets, Sinks, Tubs, Showers, Drains”
  • “Home Skills Wiring : Fix Your own Lights, Switches, Receptacles, Boxes, Cables & More”
  • “The Woodland Homestead” by Brett McLeod
  • “Hobby Farm Animals’ by Sue Weaver et al.
  • “The Useful Book: 201 Life Skills They Used to Teach in Home Ec & Shop” by Sharon & David Bowers
  • “The Backyard Goat” by Sue Weaver
  • “The Backyard Sheep” by Sue Weaver
  • “100 Million Years of Food: What Our Ancestors Ate and Why It Matters Today” by Stephen Le

June 16, 2016

  • “Twain’s End” (Large Print) by Lynn Cullen
  • “The Obsession” (Large Print) by Nora Roberts
  • “The Apartment” (Large Print) by Danielle Steel
  • “The Rainbow Comes and Goes” by Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt

June 15, 2016

  • “End of Watch” by Stephen King
  • “Dishonorable Intentions” by Stuart Woods
  • “Foreign Agent” by Brad Thor
  • “Beyond the Ice Limit” by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  • “The House of Secrets” by Brad Meltzer & Tod Goldberg
  • “Night Shift” by Charlaine Harris
  • “Secret Sisters” by Jayne Ann Krentz
  • “Here’s to Us” by Elin Hilderbrand
  • “The Secret to Hummingbird Cake” by Celeste Fletcher McHale
  • “What She Knew” by Gilly MacMillan
  • “Home Again” by Kristin Hannah
  • “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by Jean-Dominique Bauby
  • “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff
  • “The Homeowner’s DIY Guide to Electrical Wiring” by David Herres

June 13, 2016

  • “After She’s Gone” by Lisa Jackson

June 9, 2016

  • “Battle for the Mind”  by Noel Jones
  • “Which Way Home?” by Linda Byler
  • “Grunt: the Curious Science of Humans at War” by Mary Roach

June 2, 2016

  • “Murder Comes by Mail” by A.H. Gabhart
  • “Moosewood Restaurant Celebrates” by the Moosewood Collective

May 26, 2016

  • “Lilac Girls” by Martha Hall Kelly
  • “Miller’s Valley” by Anna Quindlen
  • “The Two-Family House” by Lynda Cohen Loigman
  • “15th Affair” by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
  • “Gone Again: a Jack Swyteck novel” by James Grippando
  • “The Apartment: a novel” by Danielle Steel
  • “Britt-Marie was Here” by Fredrik Backman
  • “The Last Goodnight” by Howard Blum
  • “Sharpie Art Workshop” by Timothy Goodman
  • “Hide Away” by Iris Johansen
  • “Most Wanted” by Lisa Scottoline
  • “The High Mountains of Portugal” by Yann Martel
  • “Journey to Munich: a Maisie Dobbs novel” by Jacqueline Winspear”
  • “As Time Goes By” by Mary Higgins Clark
  • “Brush of Wings” by Karen Kingsbury
  • “Midnight Crossroad” by Charlaine Harris
  • “Day Shift” by Charlaine Harris
  • “The Politics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” DK Publishing
  • “The Psychology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” DK Publishing
  • “The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” DK Publishing
  • “The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” DK Publishing
  • “The Religions Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” DK Publishing

May 9, 2016

  • “Tender is the Night” by Barbara Freethy
  • “Plan Your Estate” by Denis Clifford (Nolo)

May 3, 2016

  • “Fast and Loose” by Fern Michaels
  • “Extreme Prey” by John Sandford
  • “The Girl from the Train” by Irma Joubert
  • “The Body in the Wardrobe” by Katherine Hall Page

April 27, 2016

  • “The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales”
  • “Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook” by Thomas Gore, DVM
  • “Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” by Esther & Jerry Hicks
  • “Handbook For the Spirit” edited by Richard Carlson, Ph.D.
  • “Producing Your Own Power” by Carol Hupping Stoner

April 23, 2016

  • “The New Annotated Dracula” by Bram Stoker
  • “The Annotated Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte
  • “The Family Handyman Best Tips & Projects 2016”

April 21, 2016

  • “Not So Big Remodeling: Tailoring Your Home for the Way You Really Live” by Sarah Susanka & Marc Vassallo
  • “The Annotated Peter Pan : the Centennial Edition” by J.M. Barrie
  • “‘Til Death Do Us Part” by Amanda Quick
  • “The Swans of Fifth Avenue” by Melanie Benjamin
  • “The English Son” by Wanda & Jean Brunstetter
  • “Where She Belongs” by Johnnie Alexander
  • “Counted With the Stars” by Connilyn Cossette
  • “Covered Bridge Charm” by Dianne Christner

April 20, 2016

  • “A Treasure Concealed” by Tracie Peterson
  • “The Secret of Pembrooke Park” by Julie Klassen
  • “The Feathered Bone” by Julie Cantrell
  • “Daughters of the Dragon” by William Andrews
  • “The Obsession” by Nora Roberts
  • “Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook” Fourth Edition

April 19, 2016

  • “Last Mile” by David Baldacci
  • “Glory Over Everything: Beyond the Kitchen House” by Kathleen Grissom
  • “The Nest” by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney
  • “The Widow” by Fiona Barton
  • “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” by Carlo Rovelli
  • “Music : the Definitive Visual History” by DK Smithsonian
  • “Bringing Nature Home” by Douglas Tallamy
  • “Cider : Hard & Sweet” by Ben Watson
  • “Unselling : the New Customer Experience” by Scott Stratten & Alison Kramer
  • “How to be Sick: a Buddhist-inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill & Their Caregivers” by Toni Bernhard
  • “Nolo’s Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting & Keeping Your Benefits”
  • “Brilliant Beacons : A History of the American Lighthouse” by Eric Jay Dolin

April 18, 2016

  • “Money: Master the Game – 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom” by Tony Robbins
  • “Consider the Birds: a Provacative Guide to Birds of the Bible” by Debbie Blue
  • “The Atonement” by Beverly Lewis
  • “The Truth about Tesla” by Christopher Cooper

April 14, 2016

  • “Rogue Lawyer” [audiobook] by John Grisham

April 13, 2016

  • “The Little Book of Incredibly Useful Knots” by Geoffrey Budworth & Jason Dalton
  • “Ford Trucks Since 1905” by James K. Wagner
  • “Thomas” by Grace Burrowes
  • “To Tame a Dragon” by Megan Bryce
  • “Code 13” by Don Brown

April 6, 2016

  • “Family Jewels” by Stuart Woods
  • “The 14th Colony” by Steve Berry
  • “Miss Julia Inherits a Mess” by Ann B. Ross
  • “Eyewitness Travel Family Guide : Washington DC”
  • “Eyewitness Travel : Canada”

April 4, 2016

  • “The Caregiver’s Companion” by Carolyn Brent
  • “Flawless” by Heather Graham
  • “No Safe Secret” by Fern Michaels
  • “The Tea Book: All Things Tea” by Louise Cheadle & Nick Kilby

April 2, 2016

  • “Cross Justice” (audiobook) by James Patterson
  • “Freedom & Forgiveness” by Father Paul Farren

March 30, 2016

  • “The Woman’s Wakeup : How to Shake Up Your Looks, Life, and Love After 50” by Lois Joy Johnson
  • “The Bishop’s Son” by Kelly Irvin
  • “The Annotated Emerson” by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Junk Food to Joy Food” by Joy Bauer
  • “Complete Chinese Cookbook” by Ken Hom
  • “Western New York Fishing Map Guide” by Sportsman’s Connection
  • “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead & Win” by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

March 24, 2016

  • “Weapons of Chess: an Omnibus of Chess Strategy” by Bruce Pandolfini
  • “Love the House You’re In” by Paige Rien
  • “Love: the Psychology of Attraction” by Leslie Becker-Phelps
  • “The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge” by Debbie Bliss
  • “Too Good to be True: the Colossal Book of Urban Legends” by Jan Harold Brunvand
  • “Is Your Job Making You Fat? How to Lose the Office 15” by Ken Lloyd
  • “A Cancer in the Family: Take Control of Your Genetic Inheritance” by Theodora Ross
  • “Garden Made” by Stephanie Rose
  • “IRAs, 401(k)s, & Other Retirement Plans: Strategies for Taking Your Money Out” by Nolo Press
  • “Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions” by Joseph Matthews
  • “The Anatomy of Addiction” by Akikur Mohammad
  • “Master the New SAT 2016” by Peterson’s
  • “Primary Greatness: the 12 Levers of Success” by Stephen Covey
  • “The Girl in the Red Coat” by Kate Hamer
  • “A Little Bit of Country” by Debbie Macomber & “Blackberry Summer” by RaeAnne Thayne
  • “Dungeons & Dragons: Player’s Handbook”

March 23, 2016

  • “Windows 10 : the Missing Manual” by David Pogue
  • “iPhone in Easy Steps” by Drew Provan
  • “The Things We Keep” by Sally Hepworth
  • “The Summer Before the War” by Helen Simonson
  • “Fool Me Once” by Harlan Coben

March 17, 2016

  • “The Bitter Season” by Tami Hoag
  • “The Legal Answer Book for Families” by Nolo
  • “The Chess Player’s Bible” by James Eade & Al Lawrence
  • “Ferment Your Vegetables” by Amanda Feirer
  • “Fermented: Beginner’s Guide to Making Your Own Sourdough, Yogurt, Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kimchi, and more” by Charlotte Pike
  • “God and Jetfire: Confessions of a Birth Mother” by Amy Seek
  • “The Goodbye Bride” by Denise Hunter

March 16, 2016

  • “Wildfire in his Arms” by Johanna Lindsey
  • “Shameless” by Joan Johnston
  • “Country Bride” by Debbie Macomber & Raeanne Thayne
  • “The Stolen Mackenzie Bride” by Jennifer Ashley
  • “Treasured” by Candace Camp
  • “Twilight with the Infamous Earl” Alexandra Hawkins
  • “After the Abduction” by Sabrina Jeffries
  • “The Art of Taming a Rake” by Nicole Jordan
  • “Any Duchess Will Do” by Tessa Dare
  • “Rushed to the Altar” by Jane Feather
  • “Cold-Hearted Rake” by Lisa Kleypas
  • “Love in the Time of Scandal” by Caroline Linden

March 15, 2016

  • “If I Didn’t Know Better” by Barbara Freethy
  • “Private Paris” by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan
  • “Property of a Noble Woman” by Danielle Steel
  • “Off the Grid” by C.J. Box
  • “The Steel Kiss” by Jeffery Deaver
  • “Clawback” by J.A. Jance
  • “At the Edge of the Orchard” by Tracy Chevalier
  • “Cycling the Erie Canal” by Parks & Trails NY
  • “Kitchen Junk” by Mary Randolph Carter
  • “Buy, Keep or Sell?” by Judith Miller & Mark Hill

March 12, 2016

  • “The Book of Useless Information”

March 8, 2016

  • “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler
  • “Room for Hope” by Kim Vogel Sawyer
  • “Bridge to Haven” by Francine Rivers
  • “Don’t Say a Word” by Barbara Freethy
  • “The Preacher’s Lady” by Lori Copeland
  • “Thin Ice” by Irene Hannon
  • “The Memory Weaver” by Jane Kirkpatrick
  • “The Beekeeper’s Son” by Kelly Irvin
  • “A Wilder Rose” by Susan Wittig Albert

March 7, 2016

  • “The Intellectual Devotional: American History” by David S. Kidder & Noah D. Oppenheim
  • “If I Run” by Terri Blackstock
  • “Back Blast” by Mark Greaney

March 5, 2016

  • “Behold the Man” by Bodie & Brock Thoene

March 2, 2016

  • “Hammerhead Six” by Ronald Fry
  • “The Gangster: an Isaac Bell Adventure” by Clive Cussler
  • “Why the Right Went Wrong” by E.J. Dionne Jr.
  • “Flight of Dreams” by Ariel Lawhon
  • “A Girl’s Guide to Moving On” by Debbie Macomber
  • “A Few of the Girls” by Maeve Binchy
  • “Death of a Nurse” by M.C. Beaton
  • “Devonshire Scream: a Tea Shop Mystery” by Laura Childs
  • “Wedding Cake Murder” by Joanne Fluke

March 1, 2016

  • “NYPD Red 4” by James Patterson & Marshall Karp
  • “Risen: the Novelization of the Major Motion Picture” by Angela Hunt
  • “Federal Resume Guidebook” by Kathryn Troutman

February 23, 2016

  • “Cometh the Hour” by Jeffrey Archer
  • “Between Now and Forever” by Barbara Freethy
  • “That Summer Night” by Barbara Freethy
  • “Death Sentence” by Jacki Bishop

February 20, 2016

  • “Budgeting Made Easy : Personal Budget Kit”
  • “Operation Job Search” by John Henry Weiss

February 16, 2016

  • “Epic Tomatoes : How to Select & Grow the Best Varieties of All Time” by Craig LeHoullier
  • “Venison : the Game Larder” by Jose L. Souto
  • “Wine Folly : the Essential Guide to Wine” by Madeline Puckette
  • “From Vines to Wines” by Jeff Cox
  • “Drink the Harvest” by Nan K. Chase
  • “Thomas Jefferson & the Tripoli Pirates” by Brian Kilmeade
  • “Philadelphia & the Pennsylvania Dutch Country” Eyewitness Travel Guides
  • “Following Your Heart” by Jerry S. Eicher
  • “Where Love Grows” by Jerry S. Eicher
  • “Niagara Falls” by Joel A. Dombrowski
  • “A Sweet Misfortune” by Maggie Brendan
  • “Mermaid Moon” by Colleen Coble

February 11, 2016

  • “Boys in Trees : a memoir” by Carly Simon
  • “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi
  • “How to Make Your Money Last : the Indispensable Retirement Guide” by Jane Bryant Quinn
  • “Shooter’s Bible 107th Edition”
  • “The Second Amendment : a Biography” by Michael Waldman
  • “Disaster Preparedness” by Rod Brouhard
  • “Understanding Autism: the Essential Guide for Parents” by Katrina Williams
  • “The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Autism” by Marci Lebowitz, OT
  • “Nolo’s IEP Guide: Learning Disabilities” by Lawrence Siegel
  • “101 Law Forms for Personal Use” from Nolo
  • “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo
  • “The 28-Day Blood Sugar Miracle” by Cher Pastore
  • “The Indestructible Houseplant” by Tovah Martin
  • “Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales” by Craig LeHoullier
  • “Hybrid: The History & Science of Plant Breeding” by Noel Kingsbury
  • “Hidden Natural Histories.  Trees : the Secret Properties of 150 Species” by Noel Kingsbury
  • “The Pregnancy Encyclopedia” by Paula Amato, M.D.
  • “My Name is Lucy Barton” by Elizabeth Strout
  • “Brotherhood in Death” by J.D. Robb
  • “Breaking Wild” by Diane Les Becquets
  • “Ashley Bell” by Dean Koontz
  • “Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack : a novel” by Robert Knott
  • “Breakdown : an Alex Delaware novel” by Jonathan Kellerman
  • “Find Her : a novel” by Lisa Gardner
  • “The Promise : an Elvis Cole & Joe Pike novel” by Robert Crais
  • “Pretending to Dance” by Diane Chamberlain
  • “The Ex : a novel” by Alafair Burke
  • “Twain’s End” by Lynn Cullen
  • “Scandalous Behavior : a Stone Barrington novel” by Stuart Woods

February 10, 2016

  • “The Name Book – over 10,000 Names, their Meanings, Origins, and Spiritual Significance” by Dorothy Astoria
  • “Fodor’s Travel : New York City 2016”
  • “Lonely Planet : Montreal & Quebec City”
  • “Fodor’s Travel : Toronto”
  • “The Road to Little Dribbling : Adventures of an American in Britain” by Bill Bryson

February 9, 2016

  • “Nelly Dean: a Return to Wuthering Heights” by Alison Case

February 4, 2016

  • “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 30,000 Baby Names” by Marcia Layton Turner & Robbi Hess

January 30, 2016

  • “Finding His Way Home” by Mia Ross
  • “The Restoration” by Wanda Brunstetter

January 27, 2016

  • “Somewhere Only We Know” by Barbara Freethy

January 26, 2016

  • “NYPD Red 3” (audiobook) by James Patterson
  • “Container Theme Gardens: 42 Combinations” by Nancy J. Ondra
  • “Killer: an Alex Delaware novel” by Jonathan Kellerman
  • “Quiet Dell: a novel” by Jayne Anne Phillips
  • “Turn of Mind” by Alice LaPlante
  • “Angels Burning” by Tawni O’Dell
  • “60 Seconds & You’re Hired!” by Robin Ryan

January 16, 2016

  • “Complete iPad for Seniors”
  • “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman
  • “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire

January 11, 2016

  • “The Forgotten Soldier” by Brad Taylor (audiobook)
  • “In the Heart of the Sea” by Nathaniel Philbrick
  • “Whisper Goodbye” by Myra Johnson
  • “The Bone Hunters” by Robert J. Mrazek
  • “Sarah’s Gone Missing” by Jacki Bishop

January 4, 2016

  • “But Not Forsaken” by Helen Good Brenneman
  • “Dashing Through the Snow” by Debbie Macomber
  • “Private India: City on Fire” by James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi

December 30, 2015

  • “Forever His Texas Bride” by Linda Broday
  • “Not a Silent Night” by Adam Hamilton

December 24, 2015

  • “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” by Lori Copeland

December 22, 2015

  • “How to Relax” by Thich Nhat Hahn
  • “Microshelters: 59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, and Other Small Structures” by Derek Diedricksen

December 16, 2015

  • “Tom Clancy’s Commander in Chief” by Mark Greaney

December 14, 2015

  • “Winter Stroll” by Elin Hilderbrand
  • “Corrupted” by Lisa Scottoline
  • “Precious Gifts: a novel” by Danielle Steel
  • “Starlight on Willow Lake” by Susan Wiggs
  • “The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto” by Mitch Albom
  • “City on Fire” by Garth Risk Hallberg
  • “Christmas Bells: a novel” by Jennifer Chiaverini
  • “Thomas Kinkade’s Cape Light: Together for Christmas” by Katherine Spencer
  • “Vegetarian India: a Journey Through the Best of Indian Home Cooking” by Madhur Jaffrey
  • “Farmhouse Rules” by Nancy Fuller
  • “One Pot: 120+ Easy Meals From Your Skillet, Slow Cooker, Stockpot, and More” from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living

December 10, 2015

  • “Buffalo Memories: The Early Years”
  • “Getting the Job You Want After 50 for Dummies” by Kerry Hannon
  • “Knock ’em Dead : Ultimate Job Search Guide 2016” by Martin Yate
  • “Knock ’em Dead : Cover Letters” by Martin Yate
  • “Knock ’em Dead : Resumes” by Martin Yate
  • “Whole 30: The 30-day Guide to Total Health & Food Freedom” by Melissa Hartwig & Dallas Hartwig
  • “What Color is Your Parachute? 2016” by Richard N. Bolles
  • “The Complete Francis of Assisi: His Life, The Complete Writings, and The Little Flowers” by Jon Sweeney

December 9, 2015

  • “The Annotated Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott
  • “The Annotated Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll

December 8, 2015

  • “The Annotated Poe” by Edgar Allen Poe
  • “Depraved Heart: a Scarpetta novel” by Patricia Cornwall
  • “An Amish Year” by Beth Wiseman
  • “Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty” by Angela Hunt
  • “Esther: Royal Beauty” by Angela Hunt
  • “The Imposter: a novel” by Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • “The Forgotten Recipe” by Amy Clipston
  • “Murder at the Courthouse” by A.H. Gabhart
  • “Detained: the Navy JAG” by Don Brown
  • “Falling Like Snowflakes” by Denise Hunter
  • “Ties That Bind: a novel” by Cindy Woodsmall

December 5, 2015

  • “A Banquet of Consequences” by Elizabeth George
  • “Everybody Rise” by Stephanie Clifford
  • “Playing with Fire” by Tess Gerritsen
  • “Career of Evil” by Robert Galbraith
  • “From the Army to College” by Jillian Ventrone & Paul Karczewski
  • “The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime” by Ree Drummond
  • “The Notorious RBG: the Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” by Irin Carmon & Shana Knizhnik
  • “Humans of New York Stories” by Brandon Stanton
  • “The Everything Parent’s Guide to Positive Discipline” by Ellen Bowers
  • “The Baby Name Wizard” by Laura Wattenberg
  • “The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome” by William Stillman
  • “The Power of I Am” by Joel Osteen
  • “The 5 Love Languages: the Secret to Love that Lasts” by Gary Chapman
  • “Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home” by Ilona Bray
  • “Nolo’s Essential Guide to Child Custody & Support” by Emily Doskow
  • “Selling Your House: Nolo’s Essential Guide” by Ilona Bray

December 3, 2015

  • “Jeanne Eagels: a Life Revealed” by Eric Woodward & Tara Hanks
  • “Stage Makeup: 8th Edition” by Richard Corson

December 1, 2105

  • “Murder, Plainly Read” by Isabella Alan
  • “The Story Keeper” by Lisa Wingate
  • “Ross Poldark : a novel of Cornwall” by Winston Graham
  • “Demelza” by Winston Graham
  • “Jeremy Poldark” by Winston Graham
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