The Royalton Hartland Community Library is located at 9 S. Vernon Street in the Village of Middleport, New York.


Our Mission

The mission of the Royalton Hartland Community Library is to provide an opportunity for learning, recreation and personal growth for the residents of the community through the resources and personnel of the library.

2012-08-23_15-35-44_637Our Vision

To achieve our mission statement, the Royalton Hartland Community Library will:

  • Service the broad-based needs of the community by providing those materials and services most wanted and needed for education, recreation and personal growth.
  • Place special emphasis on stimulating young children’s interests and appreciation for reading and learning.
  • Combine traditional expertise with changing technology for equal and easy access to library services, materials and facilities.

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New Arrivals:
"Tom Clancy: Point of Contact" by Mike Maden
"Ondine" by Heather Graham
"Blame It on the Duke" by Lenora Bell

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